Heading to El Paso!


Heading to El Paso!

Anyone who tuned into Andy Bradfords Friday Freak-Out will already know we’ve assembled a team of seasoned, creative studio session musicians to work with Brett Hellings to create a collection of new songs planned for a summer release.

Included in this all-star lineup of musicians will be: Tommy Henriksen, Rich Fortus, Buck Johnson, Billy Sheehan and Kenny Aronoff. These gifted musicians are key components in the engines that drive such bands as Alice Cooper, Guns and Roses, John Mellencomp, Mr Big, Bon Jovi, John Fogerty, Steve Vai, Aerosmith, The Hollywood Vampires, and Dave Grohl just to name a few. All of the above musicians will be involved in the writing, arranging and the recording of the songs which we are super excited about and can’t wait to share with you all.

Rob Fraboni, whose past credits include such artist as The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, The Band, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt and Bob Dylan will be the record producer for this session.

With Love

Hellings Band